Seelie Gold Jewelry – an original way to assemble a rich collection of jewels without alarming your inner banker.


To wear jewelry from Seelie Gold is to draw attention to one’s unique flair, while at the same time declaring timeless values; in other words, to live in the spirit of our time.


We aren’t afraid to make a statement about ourselves in our choice of jewelry and are always open to the search for an authentic identity. Seelie Gold is always finding fresh new ideas and inspiring experimentation.


Seelie Gold is an island in an ocean of possibility, where jewelers with old-world skills don’t fear losing work, we don’t exploit child labor, and vintage jewelry is a true spark for inspiration.

OUR CREATORS The story of Seelie Gold reaches back to the origins of two distinct paths that would eventually unite in a beautiful and unexpected way.



Two wistful souls merged their creativity in the fateful birth of a jewelry company that embodies delight in the craft and the urge to share it with the world.


The first half, Andrey, the son of a theatre artist and theatrical costume designer, had wondered many roads, taking up several professions from a musician to flying the highs and lows of life in international trade leading up to the crisis in 2008. After suffering a near deadly crash, Andrey picked up the pieces and only to discover a truth revealed. There in his freshly exposed heart driven by the artistic roots of the family he remembered a longstanding desire for creative expression through the art of jewelry.

Katja, the missing piece of the puzzle, met Andrew in 2006 after getting her master degree in cultural studies. For quite some time she was navigating Andrey helping him to find the path where his heart would be happy. It took a couple of years until the terrain was set for Seelie Gold to emerge in 2014.

With Katja’s driving spirit and Andrey’s ability to bring true beauty to life through his creative concepts and his vision of jewelry craftsmanship, Seelie Gold was born. With a shared devotion to beauty, old-world skills and a meticulous attention to detail, Andrew and Katja brought the story of Seelie Gold to life. Theirs is a unique and contemporary interpretation of an ancient craft; a phenomenon they wished to share with those who like to indulge in an equally sensory devotion for wild and beautiful things.



Seelie Gold puts the possibility of owning precious gemstones in unique, hand-made settings, within the reach of any income level.


Gold, silver, and precious gemstones are all very demanding materials. The transformation of these materials into jewelry requires immense skill and deep sensory perception of the world.
Seelie Gold – The jewelry brand with emotion.


Sentimental - quirky, unusual styles.
With an essence of fairy-tales.
An overall attitude of aiming for an ideal and freedom of creativity.


To be an important and prominent element in the life of a woman, making her aware of her appeal, complementing her inner radiance and adding to the shine of her external charm.
We do this by creating a unique assortment of exquisite, handmade jewelry.


Our goal - to identify enigmatic personalities who share our values. To give them the opportunity to get acquainted with our brand and share the experience with those who surround them. Seelie Gold should be on the lips of everyone who loves and appreciates the unique nature of handmade jewelry.


The confidence to be yourself; to recognise your unique identity and stand out from the crowd with elegance and grace.
Inspiration: Release your creative nature and create new images with the help of jewelry; be inspired by antiquity and embody the most daring of your fantasies.
Refinement and sophistication: the peak of the finest jewelry craftsmanship is meticulous attention to detail. To create and wear fine jewelry – it is the art of the devoted.




We are a Dutch company and the roots of our brand are Russian. Whenever possible, we consciously surround ourselves with old-school masters of jewelry making and professionals in the antiques trade. Our partners are genuinely gifted, and even in old Europe not many of their kind remain. We are working to create an alliance of like-minded artists, in which everyone involved inputs their most valuable skills: knowledge, masterwork, contacts and, most importantly, the desire to participate in the creative process. We live in today’s world, but we gaze back into bygone eras where we find breathtaking inspiration for our creations.


We share our love for jewelry and antiques. We invest our entire hearts and souls in what we do. We feel blessed to turn our passion into business. Initially we did not have the understanding that creating our own collections could be another real career path. Since we stepped into making jewelry we always knew that we are home and now on top of that we are very excited for the future of Seelie Gold.


We prefer to use antique diamond cuts, always searching the markets for recycled diamonds and gemstones and giving them a second life. We are doing our best to use as much recycled gemstones as possible. We love natural stones and always looking for the best ones. We consider our mobility to be a big plus. Seelie Gold truly loves to travel. This gives us the advantage of working without middle-men in many corners of the world at the same time. We directly acquire gems from carvers in Jaipur, find small diamonds in Bombay, larger ones in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London. We buy gold and silver at market prices and estate cut gems of first quality in the secondary markets of the United Kingdom with a good discount. Our team includes experienced buyers, as well as excellent gemologists. It is our primary area of expertise.


If, after wandering through the expanses of the internet, you have found yourself drawn to our site and are considering ordering jewelry from Seelie Gold, you clearly have a spark of sophistication, a passionate nature, and refined taste. We are very pleased to have highly selective customers and are thrilled that you have chosen us! We offer our guests two options: to order a custom piece of jewelry created especially for you, or to select from the beautiful pieces we have ready and available. You will be able to find many examples of prêt-a-porter jewelry; simply select from among them and make the purchase. Custom-made pieces take about ten weeks to complete from the date the order is placed. For bespoke jewelry, we ask our clients to make a down payment of 50% of the price at the time when the order is made. The balance would be requested only when the piece is complete. We kindly ask you to submit the orders through our shop. Your orders are always making us happy!


Life in our current economic climate has taught us to be thrifty and not to fear organizing our business processes in a multi-national manner, without being tied to any particular country. We collaborate with jewelers from England, Estonia, Argentina, India, and Hong Kong. We consider that, in today’s world, this is an optimal form of cooperation. At your request, we can analyze the gemstones at any of the European Gemological Laboratories and certify the goods. We try to make the process as easy and budget friendly as possible for you and we enjoy doing it.


We deliver any of our prêt-a-porter jewelry pieces with insurance within three working days by registered post to any European address provided, of course if the chosen destination is not the pinnacle of Mont Blanc! In such a case, surcharges would apply, as technical climbing alpinists can be quite pricey. Generally, however, delivery throughout most of Europe is uncomplicated.
Average time delivery to the countries outside Europe will be within fourteen working days and it will depend on a country, from three to seven days to US and Canada to ten days to Latin America and to fourteen days to Russia, Ukraine etc. Feel free to ask us any further questions using the contact form on this site. We would love to be in contact with you!


  • Anka Zhuravleva, Photographer & Artist


    It is difficult to surprise for someone who has lost the capability of surprise. We very much value people who have kept their sense of wonder. As Anka Zhuravleva has said: “Keep looking at the world with wide-open eyes; in every one of you lives a child, and you must allow this child to help you in this.” Anka helps us to find our inner child, and for this we must give her heartfelt, human thanks. Her work gives us the ability to travel into a magical world full of wonders both large and small, and inspires us to creativity. We are very grateful to Anka for the photographs she has taken for our site and that she shares with us the joy of artistic collaboration.

  • Olga Yermolova, owner of OLVI’S


    Even if one goes beyond the definition of respect for another person’s success, we absolutely have to mention the project which Olga founded. OLVI’S is much more than simply a brand for us. How does one measure success? Comparison with the most successful businesses in Europe, America, China, and the Middle East? It’s hardly enough, although usually that would be more than sufficient. We measure success both through the ability to create and to be in demand. OLVI’S is a clear example of our formula for success, and we are happy to have the opportunity to peer into the process of creating something great within, and sometimes even help with our modest participation. We’re grateful to Olga because her door is always open and she is ready to share with us the secrets of her success. We are very pleased to have such a friend.